What to Expect on Your First Visit to Paris

What to Expect On Your First Visit to Paris

As I’m currently relaxing at the outdoor terrace of the hostel I’m staying at in Annecy, France, I can’t help but to think that just two days ago I was in Paris yet again. It was a quick 4 day trip, but having it been my third time visiting within 4 years, it felt like […]

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What it Means to Travel Alone as a Female

There is a sense of pride within me whenever I mention to someone that I will be travelling alone on my next trip to Europe or wherever else in this world. However, it’s not the kind of pride I hold that makes me want to make those around me jealous or feel less brave than […]

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When Your Travel Plans Go Differently

After a number of trips I’ve taken over the past few years, I’ve learned something very important: it’s okay if your plans end up going differently than what you have imagined them to be so. This was very difficult for me to understand when I started travelling because I had always created sort of like […]

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Sineni Tours: An Interview with Michael Sineni

For those of you who have heard of Sineni Tours by now, I applaud you! I recently got the honor to interview Michael Sineni on his new tour company and let me tell you this… Sineni Tours have great intentions for all travellers of any kind! Go ahead and read the interview below to believe […]

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The New Tour Company You Need to Check Out: Sineni Tours

Have you heard of Sineni Tours!? Yes? – PERFECT. But continue to read on, please. No? – What is wrong with you!?!?! You’ll need to keep reading. Go on. So, very recently a good friend of mine, Michael Sineni, (whom you may remember of if you have read my review on EF College Break, but you […]

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25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Take A Euro Trip

25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Take A Euro Trip

It’s been almost two years since I’ve booked my one way ticket to London from San Francisco to travel around Europe for about 5 weeks. And I’m constantly catching myself daydreaming about that marvelous summer. It was the first grand trip of my life I’ve ever taken. Even though I travelled with a friend of mine […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Lollapalooza

Everything You Need to Know About Lollapalooza

    LOLLAPALOOZAAAAAAAA! LOLLAPALOOZAAAAAAAA! LOLLAPALOOZAAAAAAAAAAAA!  That was literally my excitement last year around this time when I had gotten my hands on tickets and was about to experience attending Lolla for the first time. Lollapalooza is an annual music festival that takes place usually near the end of summer in Chicago for 3 days (last year it […]

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Is EF College Break Right for You?

Is EF College Break Right for You?

EF College Break… what is it? For those of you who have never heard of EF, it is an international education company offering different types of travel related services. EF, which stands for Education First, offers study abroad, language learning, student exchange, student tours, college trips, and more. You can visit their main website here […]

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23 Inspiring Travel Quotes

23 Inspiring Travel Quotes

As I was sitting down in the waiting area Gate 17 in Phoenix International Airport at 04:25 yesterday morning, waiting to fly back home to California, I couldn’t help but feel a bit upset that another wonderful trip has gone away too quickly. However, I gained excitement as soon as I started to read some of […]

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#1 Thing You Must Do in Every New City You Visit

#1 Thing to do in Every City

Visiting a new city for the first time is probably one of the best feelings in the world. From booking your flights and hotels to creating an itinerary- the excitement builds up. But nothing defeats the conquered feeling when you finally step out to this brand new city and you breathe it all in and […]

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