Finding True Love in a Hostel

Finding True Love in a Hostel

I’ve always loved the idea of being free- to do as I please. The idea of having new and big change in my life. The idea of not knowing what exactly will happen in my future.

And especially the overall joy of experiencing all of this together by traveling solo.

Of course things are now different in my life as to where I don’t really want to travel solo all the time anymore, since I enjoy traveling with my boyfriend…

But anyways, here is my love story on how I ended up meeting my boyfriend unexpectedly in a hostel in Milano during my solo travel.


Solo Travel

It just so happened to be during my first solo travel to Europe that I ended up meeting my French boyfriend- Thomas.

For this grand 2 week solo travel trip in Europe, I had nothing planned… on purpose. I wanted to arrive in Europe with the freedom of deciding everyday if I wanted to explore a different city or hop on a bus heading to a different country. And that’s exactly how my 2 weeks flew by.

I bought a one way ticket to Paris, unsure of which city or country I’d be returning back home from.

It’s always nice to have things planned out (duh), but I wanted this to be a spontaneous trip for me! I was not afraid of not knowing what to do or where to go.

Sooo, from finally arriving to Switzerland after being stuck in France (I accidentally ended up in Mont Blanc instead of Geneva…whoops), I had to leave just a day after to the unexpected beauty of Milano, Italy.

And why did I have to leave Switzerland too quickly, you might be wondering? Because I had realized how expensive my McDonald’s meal was, so I panicked and left before I went broke trying to explore other cities apart from Geneva.


I decided to book a last minute carpool ride with some Italians via BlaBlaCar who were heading to Milano. Why not, right! It almost felt like I was hitchhiking except, unfortunately, it wasn’t free.

Falling in Love in Milano

Sleeping in Hostels

For this particular hostel that I stayed for two nights in Milano, I had booked through HostelWorld’s app about an hour before arriving to the city close to midnight.

I like to tell people that it’s actually the worst hostel I’ve ever stayed in, but the best hostel because I met the love of my life.

In our hostel room, it was a mix of male and female. There were 3 bunk beds (up to 6 people total), but there were only two bunk beds completely taken. One bunk bed on the side were occupied by two girls (already in deep sleep), and the two other bunk beds were across from each other. The empty one was mine (I slept in the bottom bed), and across from me was a guy on each bed. Thomas was lying in the bottom one.

All four random travelers were already sleeping by the time I had arrived in our room and had turned on the lights. The two guys in the bunk bed both looked at me immediately and so naturally I said hellooo in my loud, American voice. BUT NONE OF THEM SAID ANYTHING BACK….

Anyways, I got ready for bed and soon had laid down, but (silly me) I forgot to turn off the lights. That’s when the love of my life asked me in his cute French accent “Do you mind if I turn off the lights?” And that, my fellow readers, was when I had really looked at his beautiful face and panicked while answering back “Yeah, go ahead.” The rest of the night I slept facing the wall feeling nervous that he would see me sleep at some point.

Fast forward to the next day…

I explored Milano a little bit, got lost a little bit, got drunk a little bit, and so I ended up deciding to go back to the hostel early that evening. A huge thanks to this random decision of mine, it ended up being just Thomas and I alone in our room. And so for the next 4 or 5 hours or so, we talked nonstop.

But that was it. The following morning he had to wake up early to go to Lake Como and I had to leave Italy to go back to France to catch my flight back home. At least we stayed talking with each other every single day since our encounter.

And that is basically how an American girl and a French man fell in love in a hostel in Milano, Italy.

Falling in Love in Milano

Over a year later of flying back and forth between San Francisco and Paris, our big future plans are set and we are beyond excited for the next adventures waiting for us!

Has anything like this ever happened to you!?


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