How Did I End Up in Mont Blanc?

How Did I End Up in Mont Blanc?

So, by the title of this post you already know where I was- Mont Blanc… But about 7 hours ago, I had no idea I would end up there.

It’s quite funny actually how I ended up there. And embarrassing. And slightly dumb. And still yet embarrassing. But it’s okay.

During my last night in Annecy, France, a couple of friends I had made in the hostel and I went out for drinks and just to have a good, fun night overall. Well, obviously something went wrong when I started with a couple beers then a few glasses of wine and ended up with tequila shots… I think. I had woken up with an ugly hangover, but that’s what I get, right?


Well, that hangover made me miss my original bus from Annecy, France to Geneva, Switzerland because I had to be at the bus station by 6:30 AM. Definitely was not happening. But not to worry because…

I booked another ticket for the next bus departing at noon. I was going to have to change buses at one of the stops called Domancy (still in France). Mind you, I was very comfortable on my seat, listening to music and watching the beautiful scenery pass by…

Well, we got to Domancy alright (I had no idea though). It did not look like a bus stop at all. I didn’t even see any bus stop sign anywhere! We literally stopped in front of a parking lot that belonged to a supermarket. And the bus driver did not announce anything. In fact, that bus driver ended up leaving to switch with another bus driver. No one’s getting up. No one is saying anything. And so the new bus driver gets in, sits down, buckles up and drives on…

And on…

Drove all the way to its final stop in Chamonix-Mont Blanc. 

I was literally very confused.

Like veryyyyy confused…

So, yet again, I quickly bought another bus ticket that would finally be the one to drop me off at my right destination- Geneva! (YAY YAY YAY)!!!


Nonetheless, I am very happy (now) that it all ended up happening this way because it made me learn how to be a better traveller (with transportation, of course)!

Next time you’re on a bus (or train) from one city to the other, or one country to another:

  • Make sure you have the correct destination

  • Understand if it’s a direct ride or if you’ll need to change buses at any stops

  • If so, know where you’re actually going to get off at to make the changes

  • Ask the bus drivers or anyone seating by you for help/questions

  • Pay attention to any stops you make! Just pay attention in general

  • Have a back up plan in case you end up in the wrong city like me

  • Do not panic… if you do end up in the wrong city… like me

Hope you can all learn from my mistakes (as always)! And remember that above all, planned or unplanned, enjoy your trip!

Beautiful Geneva! 

Have you ever been in a similar situation like this!?

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