The New Tour Company You Need to Check Out: Sineni Tours

Have you heard of Sineni Tours!?

Yes? – PERFECT. But continue to read on, please.

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So, very recently a good friend of mine, Michael Sineni, (whom you may remember of if you have read my review on EF College Break, but you can read it here if you haven’t) opened up his own tour company. That’s right… THERE’S A NEW TOUR COMPANY TO FULFILL YOUR TRAVEL DREAMS. Now, before I get into the glorious details of Sineni Tours, I need to tell you a bit more about the man behind the vision – Michael – because it’s always important to know a bit more about the company, so you know what you’re getting into.

As I have mentioned before on my post of EF College Break, Michael was my tour director throughout my whole Euro trip I had booked. I can genuinely say that Michael definitely made my trip a whole lot better! How? Because of the amount of attention he gave every single one of us during the trip (about 40 or so people total), his broad knowledge of every single place we had visited and beyond, always pushing us out of our comfort zone to expand our wisdom of traveling in general, and wanting to become our personal friend. You don’t always get blessed with a tour director like Michael, but I was and I’m still extremely thankful.

You see, Michael’s not your ordinary tour director. Michael goes out of his way to ensure everyone is content and satisfied with everything… I’m not kidding. And I was expecting the complete opposite of Michael before I departed for that trip. I had two other friends tell me that their tour directors were simply sticking to their job and just letting everyone do their own thing without assisting them much. One friend had booked a trip to explore Italy and the other friend had booked a trip to visit cities throughout Eastern Europe. And yet they both had said that their tour directors only led them to their destinations without truly introducing them to the city.

Two memories stick out the most from my time travelling with Michael. We were all on a train, but a few of us got separated from the majority of the group (me being one of them), and Michael sat across the aisle from me. I kid you not, Michael and I spent the whole train ride chatting with each other and getting to know each other a whole lot better. And during the final goodbye dinner, Michael took a heartfelt moment to give a small goodbye speech. He mentioned so many wonderful memories he had with so many of us, and that’s when I realized he wasn’t just doing his job like the other tour directors, he was our true travel companion and friend.

Sooo… on with  S i n e n i  T o u r s !

This is not your normal, average tour company. Sineni Tours is the ideal tour company that we’ve all been waiting for!

What kind of a tour company is it?

Sineni Tours is a tour company for anyone within the ages of 22-30 years old. Book with your friends or travel alone, either way you’ll be with a group of travellers going after that same wanderlust you aim for! What I also love is that the maximum size group is up to 30 people (except for Hopstoberfest Tour), so it’s perfect since there will still be enough travellers to become friends with, but there won’t be waaay too many where it just feels overcrowded.

Since Sineni Tours just launched, it currently only offers a few tours for this year (2017), but will be adding more during the following year (2018). So keep on the lookout.

What’s included?

The hotels are one of the best part of this company. No more cheap hostels. They got you covered for some really great hotels! Have you ever dreamed of staying overnight in a castle? Well, now’s your chance! Plus, most rooms are double rooms, unless you request something different. All other normal things are included within the price as well, such as daily breakfasts, group dinners and lunches (when included), transportation, museum passes, tour guides, tour director, and gratuities. Yep, you won’t even have to stress out about saving extra money to pay tour guides or bus drivers, but do recommend you still pay your tour director at the end of the trip.

However, flights are not included. That may or may not please you. They’re having you book your own flight for your own convenience. If you have the desire to go a few days earlier or stay afterwards, or fly business/first class, or whatever else, you are in full control of it. Nonetheless, they will be more than happy to assist you if you need help with booking your airfare.


Is it expensive?

Booking a trip with any tour company will definitely not come super cheap, since you’re deciding to pay a company to book everything for you (except flights sometimes), create the ideal itineraries, transport you to different places, and handle basically everything else while you’re having a good time. With that said, you have to take into account of everything that Sineni Tours is including in their prices already. So, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

How do I book?

Simple! At the bottom of the tour page you’ve selected, it’ll ask you for your card information and everything else is pretty straightforward from then on. You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit fee of $250 to reserve your spot on your desired tour. The rest of the payment will be due at least 45 days prior to your departure.

What kinds of hotels are we staying at?

As I had mentioned above, you are staying in really REALLY nice hotels! You know, like those hotels you can low-key brag about to your friends when you get back home. Most hotels are literally located in the middle of the city! You won’t be staying in any cheap hostels, that’s something you can count on. I truly believe that every single hotel you will be staying at will make your trip more comfortable and memorable!

What kinds of tours are there?

There are currently only 5 kinds of tours being offered for 2017. Each tour is different and unique, and expect nothing but fun adventure! All 5 tours cover a different part of Europe.


Locations: Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Salzburg, Munich

Highlight: Visiting the old fairytale medieval village- Cesky Krumlov

Dates: 1-13 July 2017

Photo Diary: Summer in Paros The Foreign Gal

Locations: Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Ios

Highlight: Catamaran cruise in Santorini

Dates: 9-22 June 2017

Locations: Milan, Carrara, Artimino, Florence, Urbino, Assisi, Siena, Rome

Highlight: Wine tasting (no better place to do it than in Italy, eh?)

Dates: 25 July – 7 August 2017


Locations: London, Bruges, Amsterdam

Highlight: Visiting Utrecht (famed for having gorgeous canals)

Dates: 13-24 July 2017


Locations: Munich, Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Waldeck, Erfurt, Berlin

Highlight: Oktoberfest in Munich!

Dates: 25 September – 5 October 2017

If any of these sound like an interest to you, make sure to head over to its page to read more of what that tour offers and read its itinerary. Book soon because as you can tell, all these trips will be happening before you know it!

My favorite?

All of these tours sound beyond amazing and I truly wish I could book all of these!! But the main tour that captures my attention is The Quintent because it literally covers two of my favorite cities ever, Prague and Munich, and will take you to one of my dream cities to visit, Česky Krumlov. PLUS, you’ll be staying at a castle for two nights! But not just any castle… the famous Von Trapp castle from The Sound of Music in Salzburg!!! I know you’re just as excited as I am!


I truly recommend anyone to book with Sineni Tours if you’re in the search for something different than most other tour companies. If you want tour directors who will make your trip completely amazing, then you got it. If you want cool hotels to brag about later on, then you got it. And if you want an unforgettable trip that will have you begging for more, then you definitely got that.

And so, I’m planning on booking a tour with them sometime soon, and so should you!

Check out my upcoming interview with Michael on Sineni Tours coming soon!

Sineni Tours

The Tours



Which tour captures your attention the most!? Feel free to ask any questions you may have as well.

All opinions are my own and am receiving nothing from this post. A sincere review for a great friend!

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