Spending $68 on Pizza in NYC

Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City

For those of you wondering how could pizza be so expensive if it’s New York City – I too thought pizzas are supposed to be cheap! Yet again, it’s New York City… so no surprise that pizzas could be just as expensive.

Well, believe me, my bank account and I did not see this coming…

It all started one evening, before departing for NY, when I was casually scrolling down my Facebook feed and came across a shared video.

This was that exact video.

Instantly, I tagged Cindy (who I travelled to NY with) and we both agreed to try this out once in New York. I mean, chicken parm as a crust… I never even thought that was possible!

On our second day in NYC, we were heading out of our hotel, The Blakely New York, to catch some early dinner. We wanted someplace near us, so we started plotting each restaurant we wanted to try out from our list on to Google Maps. Quality Italian was the closest to us.

Surprise, surprise.

A few minutes later, after arriving at our destination, we noticed that the restaurant was actually quite fancy. Another surprise, surprise.

Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City

We had a small wait time, but once we were seated upstairs we had about a quarter of the restaurant to ourselves, since it was barely opening for dinner time. We were given the menu (everything on it quite fancy and pricy¬†as well), but we didn’t see the grand Chicken Parmigiana Pizza.

So, we had it ordered off the menu. And meanwhile we waited (which was about 15-20 minutes) we chatted happily away with a couple of servers.

I must admit we ate very happily and felt satisfied. However, our logic was that if usually pizza is “cheap” and we’re eating in a fancy restaurant, then maybe we should have a glass of wine (or two) with our meal in order to look more classy.

Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City

BUT, wine always adds to the bill right?…

Yeah, that didn’t hit us yet.

Once we had our leftover slices in our to-go box, the bill happily made its presence on our table. And let me tell you the hardest part of that evening – pretending not to be shocked after reading over the bill.

After exchanging a couple of glances towards each other and splitting the bill, we each had spent close to $70.

Surprise, surprise…

Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City

But it’s okay! That $68 pizza will forever be in my heart because I will probably never pay for that again (unless my boyfriend takes me on a date there), so it was an experienced well learned.

Lesson learned:


Quality Italian

57 West 57th St,
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 390-1111


Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City


Spending $68 on Pizza in New York City

Have you ever accidentally overspent on something while traveling?


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