Staying in: The Blakely New York

Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

I finally got the chance to visit New York City for the first time earlier this year in January with my good friend, Cindy. We were both looking for a relaxing (yet fun) girls weekend getaway and couldn’t have fallen more in love with choosing the right hotel- The Blakely New York

Considering it was extremely cold and snowy or rainy… and before you knew it the sun had already set, it made perfect sense why we had spent a good amount in our room.

We had to enjoy it anyways, right?

Hotel Review of The Blakely New York


Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

Having taken an overnight flight from San Francisco to New York City, you can probably assume we had arrived pretty early to our hotel. 8 AM – we were definitely early compared to the regular 3:00 PM check-in time.

First impressions always count, right? Luckily, we were welcomed and helped with as soon as we had entered the lobby. And a couple of phone calls later, I was handed the keys to our one bedroom suite on the 12th floor.


Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

All of the staff were so friendly and helpful, it even felt as if we had known each other from before!

Unfortunately, we had our toothpaste taken away at the airport while going through security, so we had called the receptionist asking if they had any toothpaste for us. Within minutes, staff was knocking at our door with two travel size toothpastes.

Not only that, but less than an hour of staying in our room, I heard knocking on our door yet again. A hotel staff had kindly brought us a welcoming gift: sparkling water and chocolates. 

There was never a moment when I was either leaving or entering the hotel without being welcomed or being asked if they could assist me in any way. Even on our late night trips to experience the wonderful nightlife of NYC, they always wished us an enjoyable night out.


Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

When you’re staying in any of the 117 rooms, the details from its classic decor to its built-in wooden bookcases, The Blakely NY definitely topped it all of. And so naturally, I fell in love with our room. You see, my personal problem with our one bedroom suite was… I never wanted to leave. And neither did Cindy.

It felt like home away from home, but only nicer and more luxurious.

The one bedroom suite had a separate living room and bedroom area, where both areas were large enough on its own already and came equipped with a flat screen TV in each room and plenty of chairs for only two people.

One of my favorite things were the white bathrobes, which became an essential necessity every time we were getting ready to head out for the day/night.

The mini kitchenette was very helpful too when it came down to needing drinking water or using the microwave. However, we tried to stay away from the offered snacks in order to avoid any extra charges.

The marbled bathroom quickly became my favorite part of the whole room, since it was there where I got ready (while Cindy got ready in the bedroom), and oh boy… having mirrors cover almost all the bathroom was really REALLY lovely.


Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

The Blakely NY has exceptional amenities to offer. My personal favorites were the complimentary Wi-Fi (which is always a must-have) and having a copy of The New York Times delivered to my door every morning.

I also enjoyed the complimentary breakfast they offered, but only wish they had served better selections.

They offer a 24-hour fitness center and concierge service at any given time.

All hotel guests also have priority seating (at least a 2 hour wait) at Black Tap Restaurant.

Keep in mind, there are loads more of amenities being offered for your convenience.


A day after staying at The Blakely, Cindy and I realized that not a lot of people have heard of our hotel before. HOWEVER, whenever we had mentioned that Black Tap on 55th was conjoined with our hotel, suddenly every person knew exactly of what we were talking about.

No matter what time of the day it was, when we were leaving or coming back, the line outside Black Tap was always veryyyy long. I’m serious.

Although, we never had a chance to eat inside because we just didn’t want to wait for so long when we were already starving, we did look up the restaurant and it had amazing reviews and a tasty looking menu!


Hotel Review of The Blakely New York

Tucked away on a side street in Midtown Manhattan, The Blakely NY makes for a perfect location. Its location is only blocks away from Times Square, New York City Center and Central Park!

If you’re looking for a lovely hotel in the heart of Midtown, this is your best bet.

The Blakely New York
136 West 55th Street
New York, New York 10019
Phone: 212-245-1800

Rooms at The Blakely New York start at $270 a night. Book here.

I visited the hotel as a paying guest and all opinions are my own.


Staying in: The Blakely New York

What’s your favorite hotel in New York?

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