14 Ultimate Day Trips from London

Day Trips from London

Ah, London!

One of my favorite cities in the world and of so many other’s too. As difficult as it is already to spare a day or more to explore outside of London, you must do it! If you only have about 3 days in London, then I’d say to just adventure in the city. However, if you are spending more than 3 days in London, then plan a day trip or a few! Whatever your time permits. Because trust me, there is SO much beauty outside of London, too.


Here are my top 14 best day trips you can take from London! Enjoy!




One of my favorite cities in good ol’ England! Known for its famous university, Oxford is simply one of those places you don’t ever want to leave. Trust me on this. A day will be enough for some people, but I’d recommend spending another day here if you could. Visit its university campuses, theatre, castle, museums, shops, restaurants… you won’t run out of your list of things to do here!

Time from Central London: approx. 1 hr 15 min by train



Also known for it’s university, Cambridge is a beautiful city to immerse yourself in. Alike, yet smaller than the city of Oxford, you can easily explore this quaint town by foot. Walk around the campus of the University of Cambridge, adore all the city has to offer and pay a visit to the beautiful botanic garden in the university.

Time from Central London: approx. 1 hr by train




Famed for its Roman-built baths, this is a small town you will want to include in your bucket list! Unfortunately, when I had visited Bath it was an in-between town of a day trip I had booked, so I only had a little over an hour to explore. Starving as I was, I had decided to instead spend my hour devouring a delicious pizza. But it’s definitely a town full of wonder! Pay close attention to details in its architecture -it’s to die for!

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hrs by train



A perfect town only on the West of London, this makes for a worthy day trip to visit the lovely Windsor Castle. Before or after your time in the castle, explore this town to its fullest! Go inside little boutiques and shops, eat in restaurants, and have a beer (or a few) in one of their many pubs!

Time from Central London: approx. 40 min



The famous hometown of the beloved Beatles, I am in love with Liverpool. Book yourself a Beatles tour, whom will take you around the city and show you all the sites where the Beatles were inspired, their recording studios, schools and homes. And most important of all, spare yourself some time to visit the famous Beatles Story Museum and go shopping for Beatles souvenirs while you’re at it. Apart from all things Beatles – visit the Liverpool Cathedral and climb your way to the top for breathtaking views of the city!

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hrs 45 min by train




A city you cannot afford to miss out on! A city you will surely fall in love with! Founded by the Romans, York is a historic walled city that will make you feel like you’re living in the haunting medieval times. Visit the York Castle museum for endless history of its city, its famed York Minster cathedral, or even the York dungeon.

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hr 20 min by train



Known to be one of the wonders in the world, step back in time and marvel at the thoughts of how it is still proudly standing strong. You really only need a couple of hours here, so this is a great destination to go to while you’re day tripping it to a different city! Once you arrive at the main ticket office, you will be offered an audio headset (which you should take) filled with all of its history.

Time from Central London: approx. 3 hrs 50 min by train




Situated not too far from London and pretty close to Bath, this makes for an awesome day trip if you’re wanting to knock both of these cities off of your bucket list! Visit the M Shed museum for knowledge on their social and industrial heritage, go to their zoo (ideally if you have a couple more hours to spare) or walk to the top of their tower for panoramic views over the city. You’ll surely be entertained, don’t worry.

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hr 10 min by train



The Cotswolds

I present to you the cutest little area in England – The Cotswolds! You’ll feel like you’re living straight of a fairy tale, so don’t feel ashamed of walking through its 102-mile trail and fantasizing you living here. An absolute charm that England has to offer! Spend a day here or a few hours wandering through its cute shops and have a nice afternoon tea while you’re at it.

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hrs 30 min by train




If you’re missing the beach scene, then hop on the train and get yourself to Brighton. As a seaside town, it is a popular destination for all who are dreaming of escaping to the beach and wish to enjoy themselves at the famous Brighton Pier. If you’re not afraid of heights, then ride the Ferris Wheel for views over the town. However, if you are afraid of heights, then take a shot and then go ride it. Also popular for its lively nightlife, spending a night here wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Time from Central London: approx. 1 hr by train




A wonderful city in the Northwest of England that will capture your attention. Manchester’s mix of old and new buildings throughout the city only further shows the rich industrial heritage it has always been known for. Spend a couple of hours in one of the many museums they have to offer or climb your way up to the top in it’s famed Clock Tower to get amazing views over the city.

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hr 30 min by train


Harry Potter Studios

Fan. Or. Not. You. Need. To. Go. Like now. Honestly, one of my favorite reasons for visiting London is to be able to experience the HP studios every time. It is entirely filled with amazing photo ops, the REAL props used during movies, the Hogwarts castle used to film the exterior shots, and so much more (you’ll also be able to fly…not kidding). You can book this trip through a tour, but you’ll have limited time. Or you can do this all by yourself and not feel rushed at all.

Time from Central London: approx. 2 hr 10 min by train




Scotland’s beautiful capital is definitely not a place to miss out on! Still preserving its historic medieval Old Town, you’ll find lots of things to do here and capture amazing photos as well. Be sure to make some time to visit Edinburgh’s castle and arrive as early as possible. You can read more on their hours, tickets, and location here.

Time from Central London: approx. 5 hrs 15 min by train OR 1 hr 15 min by flight



Paris is always a good idea… so why not! Ideally, if you have never been to Paris, then one day is obviously not enough time to explore. Yet if you have been to Paris before, then why not go for a nice picnic by the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre or do some shopping down Champs-Élysées.

Time from Central London: approx. 3 1/2 hrs by train OR 1 hr 5 min by flight

What other city/town would you add to this list?

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