An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

Traveling to a different country to attend a concert- crazy or not? Nope. Well, yes. Just a little. But only to some people, not me.

However, that’s exactly what I did. I hit up Guadalajara, Mexico with my best friend, Marjorie, ready for a spontaneous girls weekend getaway.

An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

Now, a lot of my friends had criticized me when I had told them what I was going to be doing. They couldn’t understand why I was traveling to a different country just to watch a band perform. But, luckily, I’ve had my reasons for doing so:

An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico


DVICIO is a Spanish pop/rock band from Madrid, Spain. It’s been a little over a year, since I’ve been listening to their music. Summer of 2015, Marjorie and I spent about 6 weeks traveling around Europe, and we were going to head over to Spain a few days earlier than we had planned to in order to catch one of their performances, but last minute we were unable to. So, when we finally did see them, it was a huge accomplishment for us! You can watch their most popular video here.


Currently, the rate is at 1 US Dollar equaling to about 19 Mexican Pesos, which means… Mexico is beyond affordable! Having that advantage was the reason I decided to buy front row seat tickets, since normally back in America it would have been really, REALLY expensive to do so. Also, buying a couple of souvenirs to take back home was convenient, since we didn’t have to spend a lot on overpriced souvenirs.


My mother’s siblings live in Guadalajara, so Marjorie and I were welcomed into my aunt’s and her family’s home for the weekend. Their hospitality was beyond anything I could have asked for. They took us out to all of these different Mexican restaurants to eat, to all of the important monuments of the city, and were our beloved taxi drivers to and from the concert.


I kid you not, but I am so pleased and thankful for how amazing perfect everything had gone. I shudder at the thought ‘what if I had never gone’… I would have just spent another ordinary weekend at home. Boring. At least now I have wonderful memories, photos, and videos that will last a lifetime!

An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

All of my reasons further pushed my decision into booking my flights. I mean, sure, if Mexico wasn’t as cheap then it would have costed a bit more to eat out, explore the city, or even to shop. If I didn’t have any family connections in the city, then I would have had to splurge a little more into booking a hotel. Yet, I had a motive I was going for, and I knew my outcome of the trip would have been enough to make me say yes to this crazy idea.

And I am so glad I did.

My outcome: Not only did I enjoy this with my best friend, I got to explore a beautiful city with such a rich culture, visit my family, and have an amazing time at the concert.

An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

If you see the opportunity in doing something crazy or different from the usual, DO IT. Don’t hesitate. Don’t worry what other people will say or think about it. It’s all about you, making memories, and making yourself happy.


An Unforgettable Experience in Mexico

What’s your favorite experience you’ve ever had?

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